Birthday Gift Ideas For 1-Year-Old Baby Girls & Boys

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    Hi friends

    Its your child's first birthday, so consider selecting gifts that increase the development and skills of your baby, I'm sharing with you my selection of toys as a Birthday Gift for one year old baby boy and girl.

    1) Push Toys
    To build the strength and coordination babies need, pushing toys are excellent gifts.

    2) Shape Sorters
    Shape sorters such as blocks and similar stacking toys allow toddlers to practice recognizing shapes, matching colors, and manipulating small objects.

    3) Blocks
    Child development experts highly recommend them. A 1-year-old can stack a few blocks at a time and then learn spatial relationship skills and fundamental concepts of physics and math.

    4) Bath Toys
    Turn bath time into fun time :) Transform your baby's tub into a pool of delights with a basket full of water-friendly bath toys.

    What are your thought or opinions, share with us!
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