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Yashfa Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic

Yashfa Meaning

He/she intercedes (on the day of Judgment) on behalf of someone

Yashfa in Urdu


Detailed information

Yashfa could be two different words. One of them, Yashfaa, pronounced [(YU)mmy + (SH)op] + [(FA)r] with emphasis on the second syllable, means "he/she is/becomes healed". The other, Yashfa, pronounced as [(YU)mmy + (SH)op] + [(FU)n] with emphasis on the first syllable, means "he/she intercedes (on the day of Judgment) on behalf of someone". Both meanings are acceptable, you can use either one you like, and both are Quranic words, the first one indirect, the second one direct.

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